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The Paulina Project: A Life Work

A work-in-progress presentation/performance lecture by Michelle Levy

in conversation with Annie Berman

with guided visualization with Luisa Muhr

Presented by The Neighborhood and Union Docs

Location: Brooklyn Conservatory of Music

December 8, 2022


In the fall of 2018, artist/performer Michelle Levy went to Poland to investigate the 1945 Holocaust testimony of a Polish-Jewish woman named Paulina. Her plans went beautifully off-track as a series of errors and coincidences led to an existential reckoning between life and death in which a promise was made. The Paulina Project: A Lifework is a film project-in-process, born of a multi-year performance. For this event – a hybrid performance-lecture, work-in-progress sharing, and conversation with the filmmaker and educator Annie Berman – Michelle shares the story and how it has radically transformed her own life.

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